Through our food tours, we are keen to highlight the expertise of artisans in our region. On this page, we will introduce you to these enthusiasts people with whom we have the pleasure of collaborating to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Let's start by discovering Benoît Nihant, one of the only chocolate makers in Belgium who works directly with chocolate from the cocoa bean. During our food tour, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the making of this exceptional Belgian chocolate, its origin and its characteristics.

Benoît Nihant in his workshop in Awans (near Liège)

Let's go to Brasserie {C} ... Have you ever heard of it? It would not take long because the story of Renaud Pirotte and François Dethier is THE success story of recent years. Located in the historic heart of the city, the Brasserie {C} now offers different beers of character that are worth the detour as well as the architecture of this place. Enjoy the Curtius (blond beer) on their beautiful terrace, this is our favorite of the summer!

Founders of Brasserie{C}, Liège micro-brewery

Brasserie {C}

You will also have the opportunity to taste these authentic Liège waffles, probably the best-known Liège specialty in the world. At "Une Waferette Saperlipopette", you will discover this sweetness cooked carefully in respect of traditions by Éric and Bénédicte, the couple of artisans at the head of this well-known pastry shop. Did you know ? These two artisans are the first in Belgium to use only virgin flour without additives.