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Do you have any questions ? Here are the frequently asked questions.  


  •          What can I do in case of allergies or food restrictions ?

All of the alcohol consumption can be replaced by fresh and local fruit juices, or other favorite non-alcoholic drink.  All food restriction or allergies MUST be mentioned during the booking of the tour so we can adapt our tour according your needs !


  •          What happens in case of bad weather conditions ?

Except under extreme weather conditions, the food tour will take place. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to adapt your clothing regarding the weather forecasts of the day. In case of rain, Taste of Liège has umbrellas available and free during the tour, for the visitors that do not have any with them at the time. Those umbrellas will be free only during the time of the tour. If you wish to buy them, once the tour is finished, please, ask your guide.


  •          Is the food tour in other languages ?

When you will choose and book your food tour, you will be able to select the date and the language of the tour. Taste of Liège is currently able to make the tour in English, French, and Dutch.  As we wish to give you the best experience possible, we always wish to have fluent guides to accompany you during the Taste of Liège experience.


  •          Do I need to book a tour in advance ?

Yes, to be part of a Taste of Liège experience, you must buy your tickets in advance. The booking must be done before the 24 hours of the start of the tour.


  •          Is the tour made for young children too ?

The kids are allowed on the tour. The booking prices are reduced for kids. Although, we would kindly ask you to evaluate the situation before booking with underage children, knowing that our tour is about 3 and half hours, and around 3.5 km (2.1 miles) of walk. At the moment, the tour is unfortunately not fully adapted to strollers.


  •          Are there bathrooms available during the tour?

In the majority of our stops, where we will have some delicious food to try, toilettes will be regularly available for our guests. Do not hesitate to ask the guide for their location.


  •          Is the tour accessible to wheel chair and impaired mobility guests ?

Unfortunately, the current tour is not fully adapted nor recommended to wheel chairs and to our guests with impaired mobility. The tour includes various steps, stairs, boat ramp that are not fully adapted. We are working hard with our partners to make this possible as soon as possible !  


  •          I cannot come in time, have to cancel or cannot make the tour I have booked – Is a refund possible ?

The tours are non-refundable – but in case of a problem, notified before the 48 hours of the start of a tour, we will gladly find a solution with you and rebook a tour for you at another date/hour. A gift tour voucher can also be possible, available in the following 365 days. If you have any hesitation, or if you are in this situation, please, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible at :