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Our two founders : Amandine & Alexandre

Created in 2016, Taste of Liège is the result of a lot of work and efforts for the two students and friends. Alexandre and Amandine have today finished their Master degree from the University of Liège. After traveling around the world and being used to show their city to many friends around the globe, the two friends have decided to start the Taste of Liège experience.

Amandine and Alexandre are coach by the VentureLab and Luc Pire.

 From the beginning, the objective was for Alexandre and Amandine to host new visitors in Liège and make them discover the incredible knowledge and cuisine that local artisans were famous for. From Chocolate, Master-Brewer, bakers, Taste of Liège allows you to discover that as if you had lived in the city all your life.


 « Since we were young, we were passionate about culture, and local cuisine. With Taste of Liège, we want to share to our guests our passion of the city, its history and of course its culinary culture.” Amandine, Co-fondatrice.

« Liège is an incredible city with an positive energy that is worth discovering. Taste of Liège assembles discoveries, local cuisine, and the cosy-ambiance of the so-called Buring City. We want to put traditional tourism on the side and provide a new way of discovering cities – we want our guest to experience it the local way.” Alexandre, Co-fondateur.